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PEACE OF MIND: There was this great, learned student who once told his spiritual master: “I am a master of all the arts & sciences. There is nothing in which I am not proficient, but I have no peace of mind. Please give me peace of mind”

The great Master said: “All that you have learned is only words. You have not gone to the depth of things; the Self has not been studied. You have only collected words, names & information about the outer structure of things. The name & form complex of things have been made available to you by your studies, as a series of learning.”

An interesting conversation ensued between the student & master, until the student asked “Is there anything still further?”
“Yes, there are objects.” replied the Master
“Is there anything beyond the objects?” – Student
“That which objects are constituted of, is above the objects.” – Master
“What is it that objects are constituted of?” – Student
“Molecules” – Master
“What is above the molecules?” – Student
“Atoms” – Master
“What is above the atoms?” – Student
“Energy content” – Master
“What is above energy?” – Student
“There is only space & time” – Master
“If space-time is the essence of all things because nothing can exist without space-time, is there anything above space & time?” – Student
“Consciousness of space & time is above,” replied the Master

Are you not conscious that there is space & time? Don’t you feel that consciousness precedes space & time? That which precedes, is higher than that which succeeds

“This consciousness, please instruct me about it. What is it? I am eager to know about it,” – Student

The Master responded “That Consciousness is all-filling; it is complete in itself”

What is that completeness? Where is that state? That state of consciousness where you see nothing outside you & hear nothing outside you, think & understand nothing outside you, that is the Fullness. That state where you see something outside you, hear something outside you, think & understand something outside you, that is paltry, puerile, mortal, worth nothing. We are always conscious of something outside us. We see something, hear something, think something & understand something totally different from ourselves

“This knowledge is puerile, worth nothing,” said the great master, “because it is sensory, conditioned, determinate and, therefore, not real.” In that condition of absorption, wherein you are in communion with that which pervades all things and, therefore, there is nothing for you to see externally, that state is the fullness of all things. Whoever meditates like this becomes the master of all things

You shall have peace of mind only when there is nothing else to interrupt your peace. But as long as you are conscious of something outside you, there is inevitable disturbance from all which are outside you. But are you not living in a world where everything is outside you? And, do you not expect trouble from something or other? Hence, who in this world can have peace of mind? No one who is thinking in terms of sense organs can have real peace of mind.

Peace of mind cannot be found anywhere in this world, because the entire world of creation is a space-time externality. Therefore, it is nothing but objectivity, a content of sensory experience, which is incapable of giving peace of mind to anyone. Where does peace of mind rest? Where will you find it?

Peace of mind is neither inside you, nor is it outside you. It is everywhere. That is the Plenum, the Fullness. Contemplate like this & be absorbed in this kind of consciousness, day in & day out, thinking of nothing other than this kind of thing. Then you would have really studied something. Get transformed completely in your being & become a new person”

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