Technology developing the business


Technology means to provide the good necessary for survival and convenience of human life. Usability of technology begins with the conversion of natural resources into simple tools. Along with the times, technology is growing more complex than before. At the same time, technology is more widely used in human life. Almost all sector in human life needs technology to help human life, starting from shopping, studying, information, data processing, social life, photography, business, and so on.

Nowadays, not only technology sector that grows, but also business sector. Technology and business grow up together. Technology and business are interconnected each other. Technology and business are interplaying each other. Both of them are very useful for human life, that is why human always try to improve both sector, technology, and business. Therefore, now technology sector and business sector can not be separated from human life. Nowadays, all of the human business use technology on each side. Start from a small company until a big company, all of them really need technology in their business.

The effect of technology on business sector there is helping in data processing. Technology is very useful in data processing because technology help human to count probability of market supply and demand. Hence, the producer does not get lost. In insurance business, data processing technology help to count death rate by accident rate, an epidemic of a disease, and et cetera. Then the actuary can estimate the premium to be paid by insurance client. Therefore the insurance business does not get the loss because they need to pay if their client gets an accident.

Another than that, effect technology to business sector is the emergence of new business opportunities. At first, human selling their product in the market or they open a shop. Then someone that wants to buy something should go to market or shop. A trade can happen only if the seller and the purchaser meet up and get agreement about the price. But it is totally different with today. Nowadays the purchaser doesn’t need to go to the market or shop to buy anything they want. They can stay at their home and buy anything they want through an online shop. The seller also doesn’t need to stay at their shop along the day. The seller still can do their activities and trade their product at the same time. Online business such as online shop is really effective. Therefore, many people change over from offline business into an online business.

Base on two examples of the effect of technology on business, we know that revolution is eternal. Don’t ask why it is changing, but ask why it is not changing. So that, every thing in this world will change over the time. So are technology and business. Technology evolved to become complex, useful, and effective. Likewise, business developing through the times. Technology developing the business. Technology helps the business sector to efficient and make it easy.





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