Technology-Business Insight in Globalisation Era


Our world has entered an era of globalisation which is an era of borderless interaction. Communication, information flow, and technology have connected people all around the world seamlessly. As connection increased, people progressed, innovated, and created technology to help community to cope with the era. Oxford English dictionary define technology as “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry”. Two important things to be highlighted from the definition are application and practical purposes.

In the modern era, applied technology played a great role in information flow. Whenever information is shifted, technology can trace back to its originating source. Besides, practical purposes such as research and business will have a handicap here caused by the presence of technology. Moreover, technology changed how business should be and will be. Globalisation compels people to adapt quickly to changes which can happen unpredictably and unconsciously and this is the reason technology exists. Business also must fit itself to this condition. By continuously updating the news, we can infer that business in the 18th century and in this modern era are so much different even though they still share the same principle.

As time flies, business has come to an exponential growth where every change and decisions are meant to be improvement and development. The most significant change is the use of integrated technology to aid companies in doing their works much easier, from as simple as mailing to crucial company audit and risk management. Trusting technology to take over some jobs is a big leap in business and people has agreed on it since 20th century when big technology companies are born, along with business globalisation.

Technology also created an opportunity of a company being connected to others regardless of thousand miles separation which can help a company to develop and more importantly, force people to think how to enhance the company effectively and globally. This means, technology has driven the perspective of business into taking opportunity and standing on our own two feet instead of working for other people.

Nowadays, influence of technology in creating technology-based start-ups rang a bell of how technology also bred companies such as Apple, IBM, and Microsoft. People try building their own company, especially technology-based, and strive to pull it off. As start-up emerges, new company model exists, which is known as venture company. Ventures are company model that raise fund for start-ups and demand something in return. Once again, technology changed the business world by creating a new business model.

Interconnected network which is known by the name “internet” also played a great role in business. In the past, companies cannot execute their plans as soon as possible caused by lack of data. Furthermore, public cannot access data that should be known widely because of absence of global connected link. At that time, people solely aim to share essential information and thoughts regarding to business issues that need attention and immediate action. When people ARPANET discovered by DARPA, an opportunity arises to create the first online business scheme and build companies based on it.

By carefully assessing several occurrences, business has called technology for integration between them. The impact of technology in influencing business model, perspective, and companies caused by globalisation will always ask people to innovate based on it. As business and technology tends to emphasize each other, it is not hard to see that in the future there will be neither standalone business nor standalone technology. In the upcoming years, an integrated system consists of business, management, communication, and of course technology will prospectively dominate the world because a simplified form of strong aspects will be loved and used widely.

In short, business and technology nowadays cannot be separated because globalisation complies company to be innovative. Every developments and discoveries in technology are meant to be implemented in business. The only aim is to make business strive in the globalisation era. One concrete development is start-up which considered as futuristic model company. As start-up arises, new investment model emerges called as ventures company.


This essay is intended to fulfill Universitas Prasetiya Mulya Introductory Programme 2017 assignment. All feedbacks and suggestions will be greatly appreciated 🙂