PIZSU, an Extraordinary and Traditional Pizza


Pizza is one of the Italian foods that is popular not only in Italy but also all over the world. In Indonesia pizza is one of the most popular western food. PizzaHut and Domino Pizza are some of those brands that are prevalent in the Indonesian market. In the other hand, people are starting to forget Indonesian food, and it threatens the potential plant in this agrarian country. How can we get out of this problem? Is that going to be difficult? How about making pizza from Suweg?

Suweg is one of the potential plants that grows endemically in Indonesia. This unique plant contains beneficial contents for our body, as if carbohydrate. Suweg can replace wheat flour in pizza dough. To make pizza from suweg, we have to transform suweg into suweg flour. Firstly, we cut and peel the suweg into small pieces and then soak the small pieces into a solution of salt—to eliminate the sap—for 30 minutes. Secondly, slice the small pieces into thin slices and put it under the sun to make it dry. Thirdly, grind the dried slices of suweg. Suweg flour is ready to use.

The process of making pizza from suweg is generally the same as a normal pizza, yet to make it more typical we are going to use other Indonesian foods as its toppings, such as shredded, fried tempeh, bean sprouts and peanut sauce. First, make the pizza dough and let it stands for a view minutes. While waiting for the dough, cut all the vegetables and make the sauce. Don’t forget to bake the open up until 180 degrees. Pour all the toppings onto the pizza dough and bake for 20 minutes. Pizza is ready.

By eating the original food from our country, we are actually showing our nationalism. Although, it does not mean that we have to reject all products from other countries. So, do  you love your country?

It has been proved in SMAN Bali Mandara Laboratory in order to join a competition and demand our beloved country by optimizing the use of natural resources we have.

By Ari Widiastuti