Have You Mastered These Skills?


Hi everyone, how are you after two great days?—Kartini Day and Earth Day. Hope you all okay. Today I am going to share my opinion about the skills that are important for us as NexGeners. I believe all of you here are mastering your own skill whether sport, art, academic skill and so on. Although, have you ever think about what kind of skill we can use to understand the world? If you not sure and you are reading this article now, then you are in the right way. Let me tell you! I never thought this thing before I traveled to other country and met an old man that told me this thing. What are the skills I am talking about? Please continue to read this.

  1. Language

The first thing that you have to master is language. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? When I first heard it, I was so surprised, but it is actually right. Language is the link to connect people from all over the world, even the computers have their own language to help people completing their jobs. Can you imagine without language how do we going to communicate? How do we learn math, history, physic, and another subject? How are people going to start the businesses? It’s going to be a silent world. Hmm, that’s horrible. Now, you better think how many languages you want to learn (at least you learn English to be able to travel the world). Let’s begin soon!

  1. Writing

Writing as the second skill won’t be far from language. It is still part of the language itself. Yes! Writing should be one of the most important skills to youngsters. Why do I specialize this skill? Because writing can drive you to your success. I want to know, how people going to write an email without this skill. How is a couple going to text each other without this skill? How are the historians going to tell us about the past without this skill? How do you even graduate from school without this skill?

If you are starting to realize that language and writing are extremely important, then you are on the right path. Come on NextGeners! The world is so wide, will you still stay in one spot? All begin from the mistake, even this article itself is not grammatically perfect, I still want to share it. A human won’t succeed in life without knowing the feeling of failure.

Thanks for reading my opinion.

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