BUBW is Around The Corner (check the video on the link below)


What is BUBW (Better Understanding for a Better World)?

Annual  Intercultural, Interfaith and Leadership Conferences for Young Professionals between Ages 18-30

Civilizations Exchange & Cooperation Foundation (CECF) will be holding its first BUBW conference in Bishkek on July 13-17 2016. 70 participants of the conference will come from Kyrgyzstan and surrounding Central Asian countries, in addition to 30 participants from other regions of the world. The most colorful part of the conference – culture event will take place at AUCA on July 14 from 17.30 to 20.00. Anyone who is interested in seeing diverse cultures may come to see and join participants.

In 2014, CECF reached a milestone in its commemoration of the 21st BUBW alumni graduating class in Baltimore,
Maryland. This year, CECF celebrated yet another successful year as they rolled out a series of BUBW conferences
in various cities (Orlando, San Diego and Baltimore) geared toward high-level leadership training, while focusing
on the importance of cross-cultural cooperation and interfaith dialogue and understanding. The conferences were as dynamic as ever, featuring forums, workshops, and several fun-filled activities to bolster self-reflection, cognitive
development, and encourage global citizenry. CECF remained true to its mission through leadership development
and positive role modeling, while impressing upon core American values.

Our world’s youth signify ‘hope’ for each of their respective nations, in which the fate of the world’s civilization
will soon rest upon their shoulders. One of the greatest challenges our youth face today is how they view and
perceive “others,” who are different from them. Special interest groups and hate groups thrive on manufacturing
fear, prejudice, hatred and suspicion of the “other” for personal gain. These groups have no regard for people or
for the consequences of their actions, despite the fact that it may give rise to the threat of terrorism, extremism,
fanaticism and / or nationalism.

Since 2006, CECF has aimed to transcend these boundaries of fear of the “other” through collaborative
interactions and multicultural dialogue with students from various faith traditions and cultures around the world.
CECF has recognized the positive impact of the BUBW conferences on the students, the exchange organizations
and the host families, who all contribute and support the students to make these conferences a success. Youth from 68 countries have participated in these five-day BUBW conferences, which help to break down barriers of
ignorance and misperceptions of the “other”.

The five-day BUBW conference focuses on important issues such as:

  • Multi-Cultural Competency
  • Leadership Development
  • Civic Engagement
  • Diversity Training
  • Interfaith Experience
  • Community Service

A world of multi-cultural / religious understanding and cooperation

To provide multi-cultural youth-oriented leadership and interfaith programs for life transforming opportunities


  • Emphasize worldwide citizenship and cultural competency development
  • Focus on leadership development and being ambassadors of goodwill, reconciliation and justice
  • Encourage civic engagement among program participants

Conference Objectives

  • To facilitate dialogue that fosters mutual understanding and cooperation between American and
    international exchange students from diverse economic, social, religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds
  • To expose students to the beauty of diverse faith practices in a pluralistic society with emphasis on respect,
    common values and our shared humanity
  • To discuss the dangers and solutions for discrimination, radicalism, ethnic nationalism and religious
    extremism, which have historically been recipes for war and conflict for many civilizations
  • To introduce various aspects of leadership including those central to entrepreneurship, innovation and
    social business
  • To cultivate ties of friendship and encourage the future leaders of tomorrow to utilize the best of their
    American experience towards fostering and seeking out a better world and a better future for all

While the interfaith segment of the conference is principally focused on the Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, participation is open and welcome to all students, irrespective of their faith tradition, and is also open to students who may not be active in any faith tradition.