Anti Theft Bike


Stealing bikes are always very popular ever since especially in big cities that is very busy with everyone riding bikes such as Amsterdam as there are thousands of bikes stolen every year there. There are also so many ideas to prevent thieves from getting their hands on your bike such as locking your bike manually using chains, or the locking system that sticks on your bike where you can easily lock your bike as you go. If there is an easier way to lock your bike who would take the chance? This is where the idea begins, the handle bar that recognizes your finger print.

This bike will only unlock when your hands are on the handle bar. If you let your hand go, the bike will automatically locks itself. If anyone try to take your bike they can’t because the handle bar does not recognize their fingerprint. This is very convenient to use as they saves a lot of time. When you are in a hurry, the normal bicycle locks takes quiet some time to lock your bike as you need to take the huge bicycle lock out and use your keys and it could take some time to do that. With the fingerprint handle bars, all you need to do is just to let your hand go from the handle bars and the bike will automatically locks itself thanks to the built in lock system. You do not have to be scared no more that you forgot to lock your bike, because when you are in a hurry maybe you’re late for a meeting or class for example, you might forget to lock your bike  and by the time you’re done with your meeting or class, you see that your bike is no longer there. That will cost you a lot to get a new bike or if you want to get your old bike back it will also be a hard work as you have to file a case and report it to the police, which is going to be very time consuming.